About Me

Fairfield, OH

My name is Bob Cook, I started Coaching with Team Beachbody, as my “WHY” is my three boys.

All three have Cystic Fibrosis.

I want to be there for my boys later in life, when they need me to lift them or help them out. I am 48 years old, and have struggled to keep the weight off, as I work so many hours–worry about the boys all the time.

This causes me to eat improper foods, and not take care of me.

After becoming a Coach, I’ve been able to slowly bring down the weight, and working out with P90X with my boys.

We have a team, called TeamrippedCureCF on Facebook, a blog Teamripped on google, and my business — Cook Plumbing is a Coach Center- http://www.teambeachbody.com/cysticfibrosis , which my employees run, and donate 100% of the commission to find a cure.

Coaching has done a wonderful thing for me, my wife, and the boys. It has given me a reason to take care of me, helping others, and preparing me for tough times ahead. We need to find a Cure, as CF doesn’t have one. Thanks Beachbody for this opportunity, and being able to help others- paying it forward!

–Bob Cook

My fitness goal: Lose Weight

Transformation story
An All American in College and Olympic Trails Qualifier in my 20s, I’ve always been passionate about fitness and staying healthy.
In my late 20s, I started with Corporate America, and due to the stresses of daily activities, I slipped.
My wake up call was when my doctor took my blood pressure, and told me I needed to be on high blood pressure medicine! I needed to make a change, and quickly.I started to run again, and decided to try P90X.

After great success, I’ve never looked back, and continue to improve. Changing my diet and daily activities was my second choice, and after getting serious– I am now off high blood pressure medicine, and winning my age group in the local road races.
I am now working out with Insanity Asylum, and including P90X-Running in my fitness routine.
Fitness is a personal choice, and a journey! Join me, and let’s work together!