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My name is Bob Cook, I started Coaching with Team Beachbody, as my “WHY” is my three boys. All three have Cystic Fibrosis. I want to be there for my boys later in life, when they need me to lift them or help them out. I am 48 years old, and have struggled to keep the weight off, as I work so many hours–worry about the boys all the time. This causes me to eat improper foods, and not take care of me. Coaching has done a wonderful thing for me, my wife, and the boys. It has given me a reason to take care of me, helping others, and preparing me for tough times ahead. We need to find a Cure, as CF doesn’t have one. Thanks Beach body for this opportunity, and being able to help others paying it forward! –Bob Cook

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Body Beast,

An Overview of the Body Beast Schedule

If you are wondering whether the Body Beast schedule is for you this section of the website is what you need. On this page we explain, in detail, what is involved in the Beast Body program, which should help you to be able to work out if this body building program is suitable for you or not.

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Body Beast Schedule

It’s tough

The first thing to say is that this routine is not for the faint hearted. The only way to build new muscle is to break down your existing muscle. If you want to build muscle faster than you currently do you need to break down more of your existing muscle, and that is tough. Most people, even experienced body builders, feel a bit sore when they follow the workout program, so you need to be ready for that and prepared to work through this.

You will pack on muscle

Fortunately, it is worth it because it really works. Men and women who follow the program put on a lot of new muscle. Some put on as much as 20Ibs of new muscle over the course of the program. This level of gain is unusual, but you will put on muscle if you follow the entire program.

Lean or Huge

You have two choices with this muscle building program. If bulking up is your biggest goal you follow one set of exercises and the eating plan. On the other hand, if you want to put on lean muscle you follow a slightly different set of exercises and a slightly different eating plan. The two types are called Lean Beast and Huge Beast.

Length of the program

The program lasts 90 days. It is progressive, so to really achieve the goal you need to be prepared to complete the entire program. However, even if you do not complete the entire program you will benefit.

Typically, each workout lasts between 40 and 50 minutes. This is slightly less than most people’s existing workouts but given the fact that the workouts are more intense this is a good thing. Don’t be put off by this. In this case, shorter workouts are fine you will not be selling yourself short by spending less time in the gym. The effectiveness of the workout routine more than makes up for spending less physical time in the gym.

Type of Exercise

Most of the exercises are performed with free weights. Each part of the body is worked out individually. The workout schedule works one muscle set at a time and works it hard. You then move onto a new set and work that group next. One area of the body is worked out each day rather than the entire body. Once a week you do an entire body workout, which works the entire body in just 38 minutes.

For most of the exercise sets you do not use heavy weights, you don’t need to the exercises are designed to really work the muscles and keep them under tension. Heavy weights are not needed to get good results. The frenetic pace is hard at first, but it is important to carry out the exercises at the fast pace set in the workout videos. Your muscles need to be under enough strain, and the pace is an important factor in this.

Type of Exercise


On cardio days weights are not really used, however, the body still gets a workout. Squats, pushups, jacks and isometric holds are all part of the cardio workout routine.

Eat right to get the most from the program

An important part of the program is the eating plan. Without the right fuel it is impossible to put muscle. Weight lifting routines are no good in isolation, what you eat is almost as important as your workout.

This is where the Body Beast program over delivers. The eating plan is comprehensive it covers absolutely everything including supplements.

Staying on track

A good system is nothing if you cannot follow it. The creator of Body Beast has thought about this a lot. That is clear from what is included in the package. He has done everything to give the people who buy and use his course every chance of sticking to it and completing it in full.

The Body Beast calendar keeps you on track. It lays the whole program out in detail and allows you to track progress, which in itself is a good motivational tool. Knowing what you are doing helps to break the mountain down into manageable chunks in your mind and the progress tracking helps to keep you going.

Other plus points

This is a comprehensive program that is written by someone who has been through the process himself and has won many body building competitions. Everything is explained in both written and video format, so everyone can follow the system no matter how they like information presented.

You can find out more elsewhere on the site or click here to buy this excellent weight training program.

Body Beast Workout Review
Body Beast,

Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout Review

Beachbody has had a long list of successful weight loss routines. There has been P90X, Zumba, and Insanity, but all of those were only aimed at producing moderate muscle gains. If you were looking to build bulk and mass, then you had to modify the workouts from these programs. Understanding the deficit, Beachbody made Body Beast.  My Body Beast workout review sets out to see if this program can really get you those massive gains.


All of the Beachbody programs use different phases to emphasize certain aspects.  My Body Beast workout review will go through the major phases.  There are three different phases to this bodybuilding program: build, bulk, and beast.

The build phase targets two different muscles everyday (such as chest and triceps), and this is made to improve strength and muscular durability.  The second phase, bulk, is about increasing size.  These days focus on just one muscular group a day.  The last phase is the beast phase, and this uses a combination of lifting and cardio to lean out your muscular gains.

Workout Times:

In the process of doing this Body Beast review, I found that the workout routines were noticeably shorter than P90X and Insanity routines. Instead of exercising for 60-90 minutes, your days will just be 30-50 minutes.  There are two reasons for the decreased time, and neither make the routines less effective.  In fact, I think it’s quite a positive to this bodybuilding routine.

The first reason is that the warm-up and cool-down periods are much shorter.  P90X and Insanity had an average of 20-30 minutes of exercise just dedicated to getting you ready and cooling you down.  My Body Beast workout review found that just 10-15 minutes are dedicated to this, so you get a very concentrated routine.

You also don’t get many rests during the workouts.  You go from one movement to the next with just a few seconds of rest, meaning you are really working hard during those 30-50 minutes.  Ultimately, the workout lengths are a great benefit for  people who are busy and struggle to fit bodybuilding into their daily routine.

Dynamic Sets:

I found that you will be using “dynamic sets” during your routines. This is a term created by Sagi Kalev, the instructor of Body Beast. Each routine makes use of progressive, multiple, and drop sets to really make your muscles work.

All of the workouts are made to wear down your muscles as quickly as possible while cramming in the most movements. One key ingredient for bigger muscles is extended tension.  My Body Beast review found that you get all the tension you need for dynamic gains.

Nutrition Plan:

The nutrition plan changes depending on your phase, but I found that each plan is great for huge gains.  The first two phases, build and bulk, use a macro-nutrient ratio of 25% for protein and fats, and 50% carbs.  This gives you all the calories you need to get huge muscles.

The beast phase uses a 40% protein, and 30% carbs and fats ratio.  This will help you shred some fat, and it will help you show off those new muscles.


No plan is perfect, and there is one con we discovered while doing my Body Beast workout review and evaluation.  There is a huge emphasis on upper body muscles, but there could be more emphasis on legs.

However, most body builders spend the most time on their upper body, and it’s what really gives men that tapered look that is both attractive and sought after.  You can always add in additional leg exercises if you want, but many have noted that their legs have still experienced noticeable strength and size gains during the beast phase.


Overall, while doing this Body Beast workout review, I found that this program is not only suitable for noticeable muscule gains, but that it is engaging enough to keep you motivated throughout the process.  The workouts are truly brutal, and you’ll probably want to quit after doing 20-30 minutes of excruciating work, but you’ll make some massive gains if you can push through the whole program.  If it were easy, it wouldn’t produce results!

If you consider yourself a hard gainer, or if want to bring your muscles to the next level, then try out Body Beast to see just how much progress you can make with this unique at home workout program.

Body Beast Workout
Body Beast,

Is the Body Beast Workout Programs for you?

If you are looking for a way to pack on muscle fast the Body Beast Workout program could be just what you need. The program is an extensive one, which targets muscles in ways that many other workout systems do not.

Overall it is a very good system, and most of the reviews are positive, which is why we decided to tell our readers about this program. We feel it is well worth buying, but realise that you may need more information to be able to work out if this workout program is indeed right for you, which is why we have put this price together. Below we tell you briefly what the program is about, who it is designed for, what you get with the program and also give you an overview of the science behind this unique body building workout program.

Who created the program?

Body Beast was created by Sagi Kalev who has twice won the Mr Israel competition and has won numerous body building titles. He is also a trained nutritionist, so you know that the program is a balanced one written by a body builder for body builders. It is full of body building tips that you will not have seen anywhere else.

What the program includes:

12 weeks of exercises on DVD

We have already mentioned that the program is designed to be carried out over 90 days, so the core of the program is a series of weekly exercise routines that take you through 12 weeks of training. These exercise routines are a bit different from anything else you are likely to have done in the past. To help course participants to perform the exercises properly all of the bodybuilding exercises are demonstrated on DVDs.

Full set of Body Beast worksheets

To make sure you stay on track you get a pack of Body Beast worksheets.

Full workout calendar

The workout calendar is another tool to help the people using the course to stay on track. It helps you to see what is coming down the line and to make sure that you schedule enough time to complete each step of the program in full. This is the best way to get the most out of the weight training routines and bulk up as much as possible.

Eating Plan

Without the right fuel it is impossible to build muscle. This workout program really addresses this issue. You get an in depth eating plan that lays everything out in fine detail.

There is no need to worry about planning your meals and trying to work out how to adjust your supplement program. All of that is taken care of because the package includes a full eating plan. Importantly, the plan has been written by a body building nutritionist and has been properly tried and tested, so it really works.

Eating Plan

The Book of the Beast

Everything you need to know about putting on muscle and successfully completing the Body Beast workout program is explained in the accompanying book. It is great have everything explained and explained in depth. Understanding the science behind the program provides confidence, which, in turn, gives a big boost to motivation. It also provides a different way of absorbing information. Not everyone likes learning from videos, so having everything laid out in a book is a huge plus.

Who is Body Beast designed for?

The Body Beast program is suitable for most people. To benefit fully from the program you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness. However, many novice body builders like the workouts and benefit greatly from completing the program. It is just that the exercises are quite intense and you need good form to actually put on the maximum amount of muscle, so if you are already an experienced body builder it definitely helps.

The science behind the program

The program is based around dynamic set training. It is designed to work the entire body and to do so at a steadily increasing rate. Some of the movements in the workout are small. This makes it look deceptively easy. In reality, it is a tough program.

People who have completed the program have found it challenging. Many feel quite sore at various points in the process. This is because it is specifically designed to break down your muscles to force your body to build new muscle, which is why it allows you to bulk up so fast.

The program is particularly effective because it maximises the amount of time your muscles are under tension. Many of the techniques in the program seem old school, but they work. Combining them with modern techniques and supplements is what makes the muscle go on so fast.

In Conclusion

This is a tough workout system. You will need to be dedicated and determined to complete it, but you will put on muscle and do so faster than you would expect.

On the other hand if you would like more information please visit the other pages on this site.

Body Beast Exercises
Body Beast,

Body Beast Exercises Guide: Introducing Higher Intensity Exercises

Anyone who is interested in building up some serious lean muscle has already heard of Body Beast.

This post will provide more detailed information about this fitness program with an emphasis on special Body Beast Exercises in each of the routine phases.

Body Beast program lasts for 90 days during which you will follow the program combined with a detailed meal plan for optimal results. Of course, the overall progress varies and depends on individual preferences and starting level. Moreover, you can repeat Body Beast as many times as you want until you achieve satisfactory results.

Start working on getting huge

If you are ready to start working on getting huge, prepare yourself to work out one hour 6 times a week. Body Beast is one of the most intensive Beach Body’s programs and it is based on the combination of:

  • sets – resistance and
  • repetitions with only a short recovery.

Dynamic Set Training

This is Dynamic Set Training and it is specially designed to help you get rid of any excessive fat and start building up lean muscle. Body Beast has given amazing results for both men and women.

Three Blocks

There are three phases, or as team Body Beast named them – blocks. Each phase lasts for one month and will put you through various intensity exercises for:

  • arms,
  • legs,
  • back and shoulders,
  • abs and
  • finally cardio.

Build phase

The program begins with the Build phase where you will start with the heavy liftings and doing super, giant and single sets. Since this block is rather intensive, it will help you with muscle definition for the first month. Moreover, it will also prepare you for the next phase, or the Bulk block.

Bulk block

During this phase, you will be introduced to higher intensity exercises. Bulk phase contains even higher intensity exercises with progressive combo and force sets which will additionally increase your body mass and of course help creating more lean muscle.

Beast phase

Finally, the third phase, also known as the Beast will demand from you to do all of the 12 Body Beast workouts with the addition of more abs and cardio.

There are several reasons why Body Beast program provides such amazing results. One of those reasons is definitely a winning combo of warm up sets followed by the heavy lifting sets.

The routine has two different set plans

Firstly you will do 15 repetitions with one weight, and after that, you will add more weight while bringing down on the repetitions.

Therefore, the first scenario is 15, 12 and 8 repetitions, followed by yet another 8 repetitions and lighter weights repetitions 12 and 15.

The second round has the same pattern of 4 sets for you to repeat 15, 12, 8 and again 8 times.

Full body workout

The Body Beast is a full body workout and the results will be visible on your entire body. Of course, don’t get disappointed if you don’t get everything the first time around. Results may vary from person to person since there are many factors that should be taken into consideration prior starting with the program.

Things like age, genetics and in what kind of shape is the person may affect the overall results. However, even with everything into consideration, if you strictly follow the eating plan and workout schedule, your results will still be much faster compared to standard workout regimes.

Core De Force
Core De Force,

Core De Force Mixed Martial Arts – Inspired Workout

Get super fit and in only 30 days with this amazing fitness program Core De Force created by two professionals Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews

Regardless whether you are a total beginner or already an experienced in doing all kinds of fitness routines, Core De Force is a specially designed workout that will help you achieve your targeted goals in the shortest periods of time.

Beachbody created this program especially for people who are tired of going to the gym or buying expensive equipment.

With CORE DE FORCE you don’t need any equipment.

All exercises are designed in such manner that your own body creates all of the necessary resistance.

Core De Force Mixed Martial Arts

The program is rather intensive and even if it doesn’t require for you to be a professional, it does, however, requires a complete dedication. Since it is inspired by various martial arts, it has a lot of moves that will enable you to have the more lean physique.

Therefore if you are not up for heavy weights or any kind of weights lifting for that matter, you will enjoy CORE DE FORCE for sure. Beachbody experts made sure that this interesting combination of:

  • Boxing,
  • Kickboxing, and
  • Muay Thai

will help you get rid of that persistent belly fat and in only 30 days.

The program is also mixed with cardio and bodyweight moves to maximize muscle definition.

Feels like an actual boxing match

CORE DE FORCE is fun and it feels like an actual boxing match with its 3-minutes rounds during which you will go through several fighting combinations together with bodyweight moves.

And don’t forget cardio to help you burn those extra calories. You will get sweaty and tired, but it will be at your own pace and in accordance with the fitness level you are at.

The workout is for anyone who wishes to improve their body’s midsection and get a stronger core. However, it is ideal for intermediate or advanced exercisers. For example, if you were doing Insanity Max 30, Turbo Fire or P90X programs, CORE DE FORCE will be natural and great for you.

Get in shape really fast

On the other hand, beginners shouldn’t be discouraged either. If you follow the instructions of Jessica the modifier, you can lose some serious weight and get in shape really fast.

Schedule and Eating Plan

As for the schedule, you are required to do one workout a day, seven days a week for one month. The length of the programs can vary from 30 to 45 minutes, while every seventh day is so called ‘active recovery day’.

If you decide to try out this amazing program, the basic kit includes eight workouts and two bonus workouts. If we are talking about the basic 8 workouts, four of them are inspired by mixed martial arts and you will see all the moves explained in details.

Furthermore, there are two bodyweight resistance workouts followed by two stretch workouts.

Like many other Beachbody programs, CORE DE FORCE also has an Eating Plan, which is included in the kit, together with a Quick-Start Guide, Calendar for 30 days and 2 bonus core workouts.

Body Beast Transformation
Body Beast,

Change Your Life and Get Body Beast Transformation

The world is already familiar with Sagi Kalev’s amazing muscle gain program and Body Beast transformation is proven and tested numerous times. You don’t need to take up a lot of time to research the results of Body Beast routine; you are just a few clicks away from success stories of celebrities but also the ordinary people.

Everyone get to see the results

What is amazing with Body Beast transformation is that results are visible with a short period of time. The program is suitable for both men and women and on top of all you don’t have to be a professional athlete or a bodybuilder in order to complete this 90-day program.

As you can see from the success stories on Beach Body website, there are absolutely no limitations whatsoever in terms of:

  • age,
  • sex, or
  • your muscle structure

anyone can do it and what is best everyone get to see the results.

Now, the results may vary depending on the phase you are starting from and your genetics plays an important role (some people naturally have more lean muscle than others, some are fitter etc.). But either way, your body will highly benefit after completing Body Beast program.

Body Beast transformation

Furthermore, people who got great results from Body Beast program were people of all age and with all kinds of goals. It doesn’t matter if you initially want to lose that extra fat and get only lean muscle, or if you need to put on some mass. Body Beast can provide results in both cases and you will find Body Beast transformation to be fast and awe-inspiring.

Body Beast eating plan

Of course, it is important to follow the eating plan as well, since it is essential for getting the optimal results. Sagi Kalev together with the other experts from Beach Body ensured you don’t need to think about anything, but rather to just follow all of the instructions they provided and neatly organized for you. Apart from the program itself, the exercises and guide on how and when to do them, the Body Beast transformation can’t be achieved without the eating plan.

Regardless whether or not you are up for preparing meals, Beach Body created such a diet plan that is easy to follow. You can look at the list of approved food or if you lack cooking ideas, you can opt for one of the delicious recipes. For those of you with busy schedules, there is an option to prepare your meals in advance for the entire week, so you won’t have to waste time on cooking after a busy day, and yet you will have what is necessary for the Body Beast transformation to happen.


Among the case studies and success stories, you will find:

  • young moms who wanted to lose baby fat after giving birth,
  • middle-aged people who needed to get back in shape and
  • numerous other people who both wanted to gain and lose weight.

You have the opportunity to get lean muscles and get ripped. Body Beast will help you to build up a body you’ve always dreamed of and you will end up feeling great in the process.

Body Beast Equipment
Body Beast,

Body Beast Equipment – All You Need for a Good Workout

If we speak of Body Beast equipment it is amazing that this routine is suitable for both gym and home workout. Precisely due to this fact you can choose whichever option.

If you are a gym person and you wish to try out Body Beast, know that the gym is already equipped with everything you need, and you just have to get Body Beast app and you are good to go. The smartphone Body Beast app is available in both Apple and Android store, and what is even better it is completely free for Body Beast customers.

Working out in your home

And if you prefer working out in your home, then there are a couple of things you should get before you start with the 90-day program.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

One of the equipment essentials for successfully completing Body Beast routine, are dumbbells. It would be the best if you could get the entire set from 4.5-45 kg. This would be highly beneficial in the terms of saving time to set up weight and it would affect the faster and better results. Since the program requires you to lift many different weights, you can opt for adjustable weight dumbbells. These will enable you to easily set up the weight and not to waste time while the video is on. Of course, you could pause the video to set up the weight, but the Beach Body doesn’t recommend this, since it affects the program’s intensity, therefore the end result.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

EZ Curl Bar

If you tried out some others Beach Body’s programs, then you probably already have the EZ Curl Bar, which is used in many exercises. Also, you will get one from the Beach Body’s kit so you can just buy the plates; just make sure to choose the ones with standard holes.

EZ Curl Bar

Chin-Up Bar & Chin-Up Max

Chin-Up Bar is one of the ‘must haves’ because the Body Beast routine has a lot of exercises that are targeting the back muscles, so expect plenty chin-ups and pull-ups. Note that some of the moves are rather brutal, so make sure you have enough upper body strength to perform this type of exercises, otherwise you can opt for pull up assist bands Chin-Up Max.

Chin-Up Bar & Chin-Up Max

Adjustable Workout bench

Adjustable Workout bench isn’t one of the essentials for this routine, but if you choose to get one, it will be an investment worth your while. And, regardless of the Body Beast program, if you enjoy regular working out, you will find the adjustable workout bench rather helpful and handy, not to mention it increases your safety. If you lift heavy weights, then you know the importance of the proper back support, so make sure that if you opt for a workbench that you get the one which you can adjust from 90 degrees to completely flat. You can also use the regular flat bench together with a stability ball, which is good back support and also more challenging to do in the terms of exercise intensity.

Adjustable Workout bench


This was about everything you need in order to successfully start with the Body Beast program. As you can see, you won’t need big bucks to get the essentials, and you can beast yourself up right there at your home and achieve awesome results.

Moreover, each piece of the equipment is a long-term investment which you can use in the long run and for other workout programs.

Body Beast Mobile App
Body Beast,

Body Beast Mobile App: Get Motivated and Inspired Anytime You Want

With the benefit of its clients in mind, Beach Body created Body Beast Mobile App.

What is great about the app is that Beach Body made it slightly different than traditional apps you can find in the iPhone or Android store. This application is designed to allow access to anyone who uses any kind of device that connects to the internet. What this means is that you can now use your:

  • iPhone,
  • iPad,
  • iPod Touch,
  • Android,
  • Macbook or
  • PC to access Body Beast app.

With this said, any device that can connect to the internet is eligible to be used for this application.


Just go to the following link  It is very easy to download and use. The first time you visit you can opt to add the app to your home screen for instant access.


The Body Beast app enables you to see pictures and descriptions of every move. Furthermore, the app has a workout tracker that tracks your measurements and the overall progress.

You can set up individual goals, and then you get access to the personal calorie calculator which is based on those individual goals.

Another amazing thing is that you can find tons of delicious healthy recipes and see your workout history. Also, the Body Beast app has a support you can contact by email anytime if you encounter any troubleshooting or have any kinds of questions.

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is simple; you need an email and a password. Like in the most of the registration forms, upon the purchase, you will receive login information on your email. Use these access credentials to log in the app and start enjoying. If you notice you are not getting the confirmation email, make sure you check your spam folder.

Log in for the first time

After you log in the app for the first time, you will be offered an option to create a shortcut on the phone’s home screen. If you want this option, just click confirm and Body Beast icon shortcut will be placed on your home screen.

Beach Body has an exclusive offer for Body Beast DVD program owners who get the Body Beast Mobile App for free. Moreover, every coach and customer who had purchased Body Beast prior to 21/01/2013 got the access information on their email addresses, while for new orders confirmation emails are usually sent within two days from the purchase of the Body Beast package.


Even though the most important thing is the program and nutrition plan, however, the app can be a rather handy tool, especially in the terms of monitoring your progress. This can have a surprisingly motivating effect on you, because once you actually get to see all of the pictures, recipes, workout moves, schedules and calories you will have the additional awareness of how much you are doing to improve your body and feel better.

Also, with such an easy access from any device, it is really practical to have all of the information in one place and within the reach. Access your Body Beast personal account and join to get motivated and inspired anytime you want.

Body Beast Workout Sheet
Body Beast,

Practical Body Beast Workout Sheet Explained in Detail

Like many of the Beachbody’s programs, Body Beast has workout sheets specially designed to help you keep track of your routine.

In Body Beast workout sheet, you will find detailed exercising schedule, neatly organized for each targeted muscle group.

8 Body Beast Workouts Sheets

There are eight Body Beast Workouts sheets:

  • Bulk Legs,
  • Bulk Back,
  • Bulk Arms,
  • Bulk Shoulders,
  • Lucky 7,
  • Tempo: Back/Biceps,
  • Tempo: Chest/Triceps and
  • Beast: Total Body.

Bulk Legs – Week 4-12

  • Single set: front to back lunge, right and left – 12, 10 and 8 repetitions
  • Progressive set: squat – 15, 8, 12 and 15 repetitions
  • Force set: full to ½ sumo squat – 5×5 repetitions
  • Progressive set: split squat w/EZ bar, left and right – 15, 12 8 and 8, 12, 15 repetitions each
  • Super set: stiff leg deadlift & alt. side squat – 15/10, 12/10 each; deadlift 8, 8 and side squat 10 repetitions
  • Super set: calf raise & beast abs – 50 repetitions each

Bulk Back –Week 4-11

  • Super set: pull over & pull up – 15, 10, 12, 10, 8, 8 and 10 repetitions
  • Progressive set: reverse grip row – 15, 12, 8, 8, 12 and 15 repetitions
  • Force set: one-arm row, left and right – 5×5 repetitions each
  • Single set: deadlift – 15, 12, 8 and 8 repetitions
  • Super set: reverse fly – 15 and 12 repetitions

Bulk Arms – Week 4- 11

  • Progressive set: standing curl, 15, 12, 8, 8, 12 and 15 repetitions
  • Single set: tricep extension – 15, 12 and 8 repetitions
  • Force set: wide EZ bar curl – 5×5 repetitions
  • Single set: skull crusher – 15, 12, 8 and 8 repetitions
  • Progressive set: hammer curl, left and right – 15, 12, 8, 8, 12 and 15 repetitions each
  • Progressive set: tricep kickback, left and right – 15, 12, 8 and 8, 12, 15 repetitions each
  • Single set: weighted crunch, 30 repetitions

Bulk Shoulders – Week 4-12

  • Super set: lateral raise & Arnold press – 15, 12, 8 each and additional 8 Arnold press repetitions
  • Progressive set: upright row – 15, 12, 8, 8, 12 and 15 repetitions
  • Super set: alt. front raise & plate twist-twist – 15/10, 12/10 and 8/10 repetitions
  • Progressive set: reverse fly – 15, 12, 8, 8, 12 and 15 repetitions

Lucky 7

  • Combo set 1: EZ pushup, clean, squat – 1-7 repetitions
  • Combo set 2: deadlift, bent over row – 1-7 repetitions
  • Combo set 3: skull crusher, press, crunch – 1-7 repetitions
  • Combo set 4: curl, military press, EZ squat – 1-7 repetitions
  • Combo set 5: Delt raise, reverse lunge – 1-7 repetitions
  • Combo set 6: lat oblique twist, left and right – 1-7 repetitions

Tempo: Back / Biceps

  • Tempo single set: pull-over – 15, 12, 8 and wide plank in and out 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: pull-up – 10, 10, 8 and hanging circle 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: reverse bent-over row – 15, 12, 8 and lat oblique twist 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: preacher curl – 15, 12, 8 and hanging curl 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: all-angle bicep – 15, 12, 8 and speed mountain climber 30 repetitions

Tempo: Chest/Triceps

  • Tempo – single set: chest press – 15, 12, 8 and Figure 4 Crunch 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: incline press – 15, 12, 8 and cricket crunch 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: incline fly – 15, 12, 8 and tempo plank 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – single set: skull crasher – 15, 12, 8 and EZ bar crunch 10 repetitions
  • Tempo – super set: tricep kickback/dips 15/reps, 12/reps, 8/reps and plank twist-twist 10 repetitions

Beast: Total Body

  • Circuit set: pull-up, push-up, squat, crunch – 2×15 repetitions each
  • Circuit set: incline press, bent-over row, reverse alt. lunge, plank twist-twist – 2×15 repetitions each
  • Circuit set: 1,1,2 military press, post delt raise left and right, stiff leg deadlift, Russian twist – 2×15 repetitions each
  • Circuit set: bicep curl-up hammer down, tricep extension- kickback left and right, calf raise – weight at shoulder, side forearm plank left and right – 2×15 repetitions each

Detailed Body Beast workout sheets are available for download on Beachbody website.

Body Beast Diet Guide Building Muscles
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Body Beast Diet Guide for Building Muscles

In order to get the best results from Body Beast workout program, you have to follow Body Beast Diet Plan.

It is well-known how much a proper diet is important for reaching your body’s full potential. Therefore, Sagi Kalev came up with the professional Body Beast diet plan, specially developed for bodybuilding.

Proper nutrition is essential for our bodies. What we eat breaks down in our system, going directly to our brain and other organs, including hormones, bones, and muscles. Logically, the better care we take about our nutrition, healthier and stronger we will be. Not to mention overall performance, concentration, and endurance improvements.

Body Beast diet for building muscles

Body Beast is a workout regime that aims to build your muscles. Therefore, you need calories in order to get huge and a lot of them. Actually, Body Beast diet is the core of the entire routine.

According to the meal plan, you have 5-6 meals a day. In some cases, even more, depending on your calorie level. Don’t forget to hydrate your muscles between the meals.

As for the meals, each of them is a mixture of three primary macronutrients – protein, carbs, and fats. Despite the popular belief that one is better than another, the reality is your body needs all of them since they work together in building muscles.

Of course, protein is essential for gaining mass, since it is the only nutrient that can be converted to muscle. After consuming proteins, it breaks down in your system in amino acids. Amino acids reassemble in your body’s own proteins, creating a muscle-like tissue.

Carbohydrates are a vital source of the energy for any weight lifting workout. The reason they work best is because they supply your body with quick energy uplift. If you don’t eat enough carbs, your body will compensate them from another source, which means it can break down its own muscle.

As for the fat, apart from adding up the energy as well, it helps fight inflammation from joint pain. Fat also provides the relief from muscle soreness. In overall, digesting fats will significantly affect quicker recovery. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids support growth and hormone production.

The Body Beast diet plan may seem complicated but eating in accordance with it is rather simple.

Calculate your calories

This is the first step when starting with Body Beast diet. In a detailed meal plan, you will find Body Beast Calorie Calculator to determine your daily needs. After doing that, you just find Body Beast Portion Chart appropriate for your calorie bracket.

Food Portions

Finally, after establishing your calories and portions, all you need to do is eat the proper amount of foods. There isn’t a specific meal plan; you can be creative as you like, assembling your own meals from the Food Portion Lists. The only rule is to stay within allotted portions.

And if you are not up for brainstorming for new recipes, there are Body Beast Recipes, specially created for bodybuilders.

Naturally, all of the recipes have the right amount of ingredients from each of Food Portion Lists. If you have a busy schedule, you can make a larger quantity, share into portions and freeze. That way you have meals ready for the entire week.

Finally, the Beast-0-Matic Mass Gainer Shakes are high-calorie shakes you can make using Food Portion list as an inspiration.

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced in nutrition or you are starting for the first time. Body Beast diet is carefully designed to build you up and you will easily fit within this framework.