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Core De Force Mixed Martial Arts – Inspired Workout

Get super fit and in only 30 days with this amazing fitness program Core De Force created by two professionals Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews

Regardless whether you are a total beginner or already an experienced in doing all kinds of fitness routines, Core De Force is a specially designed workout that will help you achieve your targeted goals in the shortest periods of time.

Beachbody created this program especially for people who are tired of going to the gym or buying expensive equipment.

With CORE DE FORCE you don’t need any equipment.

All exercises are designed in such manner that your own body creates all of the necessary resistance.

Core De Force Mixed Martial Arts

The program is rather intensive and even if it doesn’t require for you to be a professional, it does, however, requires a complete dedication. Since it is inspired by various martial arts, it has a lot of moves that will enable you to have the more lean physique.

Therefore if you are not up for heavy weights or any kind of weights lifting for that matter, you will enjoy CORE DE FORCE for sure. Beachbody experts made sure that this interesting combination of:

  • Boxing,
  • Kickboxing, and
  • Muay Thai

will help you get rid of that persistent belly fat and in only 30 days.

The program is also mixed with cardio and bodyweight moves to maximize muscle definition.

Feels like an actual boxing match

CORE DE FORCE is fun and it feels like an actual boxing match with its 3-minutes rounds during which you will go through several fighting combinations together with bodyweight moves.

And don’t forget cardio to help you burn those extra calories. You will get sweaty and tired, but it will be at your own pace and in accordance with the fitness level you are at.

The workout is for anyone who wishes to improve their body’s midsection and get a stronger core. However, it is ideal for intermediate or advanced exercisers. For example, if you were doing Insanity Max 30, Turbo Fire or P90X programs, CORE DE FORCE will be natural and great for you.

Get in shape really fast

On the other hand, beginners shouldn’t be discouraged either. If you follow the instructions of Jessica the modifier, you can lose some serious weight and get in shape really fast.

Schedule and Eating Plan

As for the schedule, you are required to do one workout a day, seven days a week for one month. The length of the programs can vary from 30 to 45 minutes, while every seventh day is so called ‘active recovery day’.

If you decide to try out this amazing program, the basic kit includes eight workouts and two bonus workouts. If we are talking about the basic 8 workouts, four of them are inspired by mixed martial arts and you will see all the moves explained in details.

Furthermore, there are two bodyweight resistance workouts followed by two stretch workouts.

Like many other Beachbody programs, CORE DE FORCE also has an Eating Plan, which is included in the kit, together with a Quick-Start Guide, Calendar for 30 days and 2 bonus core workouts.