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Body Beast Equipment – All You Need for a Good Workout

If we speak of Body Beast equipment it is amazing that this routine is suitable for both gym and home workout. Precisely due to this fact you can choose whichever option.

If you are a gym person and you wish to try out Body Beast, know that the gym is already equipped with everything you need, and you just have to get Body Beast app and you are good to go. The smartphone Body Beast app is available in both Apple and Android store, and what is even better it is completely free for Body Beast customers.

Working out in your home

And if you prefer working out in your home, then there are a couple of things you should get before you start with the 90-day program.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

One of the equipment essentials for successfully completing Body Beast routine, are dumbbells. It would be the best if you could get the entire set from 4.5-45 kg. This would be highly beneficial in the terms of saving time to set up weight and it would affect the faster and better results. Since the program requires you to lift many different weights, you can opt for adjustable weight dumbbells. These will enable you to easily set up the weight and not to waste time while the video is on. Of course, you could pause the video to set up the weight, but the Beach Body doesn’t recommend this, since it affects the program’s intensity, therefore the end result.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

EZ Curl Bar

If you tried out some others Beach Body’s programs, then you probably already have the EZ Curl Bar, which is used in many exercises. Also, you will get one from the Beach Body’s kit so you can just buy the plates; just make sure to choose the ones with standard holes.

EZ Curl Bar

Chin-Up Bar & Chin-Up Max

Chin-Up Bar is one of the ‘must haves’ because the Body Beast routine has a lot of exercises that are targeting the back muscles, so expect plenty chin-ups and pull-ups. Note that some of the moves are rather brutal, so make sure you have enough upper body strength to perform this type of exercises, otherwise you can opt for pull up assist bands Chin-Up Max.

Chin-Up Bar & Chin-Up Max

Adjustable Workout bench

Adjustable Workout bench isn’t one of the essentials for this routine, but if you choose to get one, it will be an investment worth your while. And, regardless of the Body Beast program, if you enjoy regular working out, you will find the adjustable workout bench rather helpful and handy, not to mention it increases your safety. If you lift heavy weights, then you know the importance of the proper back support, so make sure that if you opt for a workbench that you get the one which you can adjust from 90 degrees to completely flat. You can also use the regular flat bench together with a stability ball, which is good back support and also more challenging to do in the terms of exercise intensity.

Adjustable Workout bench


This was about everything you need in order to successfully start with the Body Beast program. As you can see, you won’t need big bucks to get the essentials, and you can beast yourself up right there at your home and achieve awesome results.

Moreover, each piece of the equipment is a long-term investment which you can use in the long run and for other workout programs.

Body Beast Mobile App
Body Beast,

Body Beast Mobile App: Get Motivated and Inspired Anytime You Want

With the benefit of its clients in mind, Beach Body created Body Beast Mobile App.

What is great about the app is that Beach Body made it slightly different than traditional apps you can find in the iPhone or Android store. This application is designed to allow access to anyone who uses any kind of device that connects to the internet. What this means is that you can now use your:

  • iPhone,
  • iPad,
  • iPod Touch,
  • Android,
  • Macbook or
  • PC to access Body Beast app.

With this said, any device that can connect to the internet is eligible to be used for this application.


Just go to the following link  It is very easy to download and use. The first time you visit you can opt to add the app to your home screen for instant access.


The Body Beast app enables you to see pictures and descriptions of every move. Furthermore, the app has a workout tracker that tracks your measurements and the overall progress.

You can set up individual goals, and then you get access to the personal calorie calculator which is based on those individual goals.

Another amazing thing is that you can find tons of delicious healthy recipes and see your workout history. Also, the Body Beast app has a support you can contact by email anytime if you encounter any troubleshooting or have any kinds of questions.

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is simple; you need an email and a password. Like in the most of the registration forms, upon the purchase, you will receive login information on your email. Use these access credentials to log in the app and start enjoying. If you notice you are not getting the confirmation email, make sure you check your spam folder.

Log in for the first time

After you log in the app for the first time, you will be offered an option to create a shortcut on the phone’s home screen. If you want this option, just click confirm and Body Beast icon shortcut will be placed on your home screen.

Beach Body has an exclusive offer for Body Beast DVD program owners who get the Body Beast Mobile App for free. Moreover, every coach and customer who had purchased Body Beast prior to 21/01/2013 got the access information on their email addresses, while for new orders confirmation emails are usually sent within two days from the purchase of the Body Beast package.


Even though the most important thing is the program and nutrition plan, however, the app can be a rather handy tool, especially in the terms of monitoring your progress. This can have a surprisingly motivating effect on you, because once you actually get to see all of the pictures, recipes, workout moves, schedules and calories you will have the additional awareness of how much you are doing to improve your body and feel better.

Also, with such an easy access from any device, it is really practical to have all of the information in one place and within the reach. Access your Body Beast personal account and join to get motivated and inspired anytime you want.