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Body Beast Exercises Guide: Introducing Higher Intensity Exercises

Anyone who is interested in building up some serious lean muscle has already heard of Body Beast.

This post will provide more detailed information about this fitness program with an emphasis on special Body Beast Exercises in each of the routine phases.

Body Beast program lasts for 90 days during which you will follow the program combined with a detailed meal plan for optimal results. Of course, the overall progress varies and depends on individual preferences and starting level. Moreover, you can repeat Body Beast as many times as you want until you achieve satisfactory results.

Start working on getting huge

If you are ready to start working on getting huge, prepare yourself to work out one hour 6 times a week. Body Beast is one of the most intensive Beach Body’s programs and it is based on the combination of:

  • sets – resistance and
  • repetitions with only a short recovery.

Dynamic Set Training

This is Dynamic Set Training and it is specially designed to help you get rid of any excessive fat and start building up lean muscle. Body Beast has given amazing results for both men and women.

Three Blocks

There are three phases, or as team Body Beast named them – blocks. Each phase lasts for one month and will put you through various intensity exercises for:

  • arms,
  • legs,
  • back and shoulders,
  • abs and
  • finally cardio.

Build phase

The program begins with the Build phase where you will start with the heavy liftings and doing super, giant and single sets. Since this block is rather intensive, it will help you with muscle definition for the first month. Moreover, it will also prepare you for the next phase, or the Bulk block.

Bulk block

During this phase, you will be introduced to higher intensity exercises. Bulk phase contains even higher intensity exercises with progressive combo and force sets which will additionally increase your body mass and of course help creating more lean muscle.

Beast phase

Finally, the third phase, also known as the Beast will demand from you to do all of the 12 Body Beast workouts with the addition of more abs and cardio.

There are several reasons why Body Beast program provides such amazing results. One of those reasons is definitely a winning combo of warm up sets followed by the heavy lifting sets.

The routine has two different set plans

Firstly you will do 15 repetitions with one weight, and after that, you will add more weight while bringing down on the repetitions.

Therefore, the first scenario is 15, 12 and 8 repetitions, followed by yet another 8 repetitions and lighter weights repetitions 12 and 15.

The second round has the same pattern of 4 sets for you to repeat 15, 12, 8 and again 8 times.

Full body workout

The Body Beast is a full body workout and the results will be visible on your entire body. Of course, don’t get disappointed if you don’t get everything the first time around. Results may vary from person to person since there are many factors that should be taken into consideration prior starting with the program.

Things like age, genetics and in what kind of shape is the person may affect the overall results. However, even with everything into consideration, if you strictly follow the eating plan and workout schedule, your results will still be much faster compared to standard workout regimes.