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An Overview of the Body Beast Schedule

If you are wondering whether the Body Beast schedule is for you this section of the website is what you need. On this page we explain, in detail, what is involved in the Beast Body program, which should help you to be able to work out if this body building program is suitable for you or not.

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Body Beast Schedule

It’s tough

The first thing to say is that this routine is not for the faint hearted. The only way to build new muscle is to break down your existing muscle. If you want to build muscle faster than you currently do you need to break down more of your existing muscle, and that is tough. Most people, even experienced body builders, feel a bit sore when they follow the workout program, so you need to be ready for that and prepared to work through this.

You will pack on muscle

Fortunately, it is worth it because it really works. Men and women who follow the program put on a lot of new muscle. Some put on as much as 20Ibs of new muscle over the course of the program. This level of gain is unusual, but you will put on muscle if you follow the entire program.

Lean or Huge

You have two choices with this muscle building program. If bulking up is your biggest goal you follow one set of exercises and the eating plan. On the other hand, if you want to put on lean muscle you follow a slightly different set of exercises and a slightly different eating plan. The two types are called Lean Beast and Huge Beast.

Length of the program

The program lasts 90 days. It is progressive, so to really achieve the goal you need to be prepared to complete the entire program. However, even if you do not complete the entire program you will benefit.

Typically, each workout lasts between 40 and 50 minutes. This is slightly less than most people’s existing workouts but given the fact that the workouts are more intense this is a good thing. Don’t be put off by this. In this case, shorter workouts are fine you will not be selling yourself short by spending less time in the gym. The effectiveness of the workout routine more than makes up for spending less physical time in the gym.

Type of Exercise

Most of the exercises are performed with free weights. Each part of the body is worked out individually. The workout schedule works one muscle set at a time and works it hard. You then move onto a new set and work that group next. One area of the body is worked out each day rather than the entire body. Once a week you do an entire body workout, which works the entire body in just 38 minutes.

For most of the exercise sets you do not use heavy weights, you don’t need to the exercises are designed to really work the muscles and keep them under tension. Heavy weights are not needed to get good results. The frenetic pace is hard at first, but it is important to carry out the exercises at the fast pace set in the workout videos. Your muscles need to be under enough strain, and the pace is an important factor in this.

Type of Exercise


On cardio days weights are not really used, however, the body still gets a workout. Squats, pushups, jacks and isometric holds are all part of the cardio workout routine.

Eat right to get the most from the program

An important part of the program is the eating plan. Without the right fuel it is impossible to put muscle. Weight lifting routines are no good in isolation, what you eat is almost as important as your workout.

This is where the Body Beast program over delivers. The eating plan is comprehensive it covers absolutely everything including supplements.

Staying on track

A good system is nothing if you cannot follow it. The creator of Body Beast has thought about this a lot. That is clear from what is included in the package. He has done everything to give the people who buy and use his course every chance of sticking to it and completing it in full.

The Body Beast calendar keeps you on track. It lays the whole program out in detail and allows you to track progress, which in itself is a good motivational tool. Knowing what you are doing helps to break the mountain down into manageable chunks in your mind and the progress tracking helps to keep you going.

Other plus points

This is a comprehensive program that is written by someone who has been through the process himself and has won many body building competitions. Everything is explained in both written and video format, so everyone can follow the system no matter how they like information presented.

You can find out more elsewhere on the site or click here to buy this excellent weight training program.