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Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout Review
Body Beast,

Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout Review

Beachbody has had a long list of successful weight loss routines. There has been P90X, Zumba, and Insanity, but all of those were only aimed at producing moderate muscle gains. If you were looking to build bulk and mass, then you had to modify the workouts from these programs. Understanding the deficit, Beachbody made Body Beast.  My Body Beast workout review sets out to see if this program can really get you those massive gains.


All of the Beachbody programs use different phases to emphasize certain aspects.  My Body Beast workout review will go through the major phases.  There are three different phases to this bodybuilding program: build, bulk, and beast.

The build phase targets two different muscles everyday (such as chest and triceps), and this is made to improve strength and muscular durability.  The second phase, bulk, is about increasing size.  These days focus on just one muscular group a day.  The last phase is the beast phase, and this uses a combination of lifting and cardio to lean out your muscular gains.

Workout Times:

In the process of doing this Body Beast review, I found that the workout routines were noticeably shorter than P90X and Insanity routines. Instead of exercising for 60-90 minutes, your days will just be 30-50 minutes.  There are two reasons for the decreased time, and neither make the routines less effective.  In fact, I think it’s quite a positive to this bodybuilding routine.

The first reason is that the warm-up and cool-down periods are much shorter.  P90X and Insanity had an average of 20-30 minutes of exercise just dedicated to getting you ready and cooling you down.  My Body Beast workout review found that just 10-15 minutes are dedicated to this, so you get a very concentrated routine.

You also don’t get many rests during the workouts.  You go from one movement to the next with just a few seconds of rest, meaning you are really working hard during those 30-50 minutes.  Ultimately, the workout lengths are a great benefit for  people who are busy and struggle to fit bodybuilding into their daily routine.

Dynamic Sets:

I found that you will be using “dynamic sets” during your routines. This is a term created by Sagi Kalev, the instructor of Body Beast. Each routine makes use of progressive, multiple, and drop sets to really make your muscles work.

All of the workouts are made to wear down your muscles as quickly as possible while cramming in the most movements. One key ingredient for bigger muscles is extended tension.  My Body Beast review found that you get all the tension you need for dynamic gains.

Nutrition Plan:

The nutrition plan changes depending on your phase, but I found that each plan is great for huge gains.  The first two phases, build and bulk, use a macro-nutrient ratio of 25% for protein and fats, and 50% carbs.  This gives you all the calories you need to get huge muscles.

The beast phase uses a 40% protein, and 30% carbs and fats ratio.  This will help you shred some fat, and it will help you show off those new muscles.


No plan is perfect, and there is one con we discovered while doing my Body Beast workout review and evaluation.  There is a huge emphasis on upper body muscles, but there could be more emphasis on legs.

However, most body builders spend the most time on their upper body, and it’s what really gives men that tapered look that is both attractive and sought after.  You can always add in additional leg exercises if you want, but many have noted that their legs have still experienced noticeable strength and size gains during the beast phase.


Overall, while doing this Body Beast workout review, I found that this program is not only suitable for noticeable muscule gains, but that it is engaging enough to keep you motivated throughout the process.  The workouts are truly brutal, and you’ll probably want to quit after doing 20-30 minutes of excruciating work, but you’ll make some massive gains if you can push through the whole program.  If it were easy, it wouldn’t produce results!

If you consider yourself a hard gainer, or if want to bring your muscles to the next level, then try out Body Beast to see just how much progress you can make with this unique at home workout program.