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Body Beast Workout

Body Beast Workout
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Is the Body Beast Workout Programs for you?

If you are looking for a way to pack on muscle fast the Body Beast Workout program could be just what you need. The program is an extensive one, which targets muscles in ways that many other workout systems do not.

Overall it is a very good system, and most of the reviews are positive, which is why we decided to tell our readers about this program. We feel it is well worth buying, but realise that you may need more information to be able to work out if this workout program is indeed right for you, which is why we have put this price together. Below we tell you briefly what the program is about, who it is designed for, what you get with the program and also give you an overview of the science behind this unique body building workout program.

Who created the program?

Body Beast was created by Sagi Kalev who has twice won the Mr Israel competition and has won numerous body building titles. He is also a trained nutritionist, so you know that the program is a balanced one written by a body builder for body builders. It is full of body building tips that you will not have seen anywhere else.

What the program includes:

12 weeks of exercises on DVD

We have already mentioned that the program is designed to be carried out over 90 days, so the core of the program is a series of weekly exercise routines that take you through 12 weeks of training. These exercise routines are a bit different from anything else you are likely to have done in the past. To help course participants to perform the exercises properly all of the bodybuilding exercises are demonstrated on DVDs.

Full set of Body Beast worksheets

To make sure you stay on track you get a pack of Body Beast worksheets.

Full workout calendar

The workout calendar is another tool to help the people using the course to stay on track. It helps you to see what is coming down the line and to make sure that you schedule enough time to complete each step of the program in full. This is the best way to get the most out of the weight training routines and bulk up as much as possible.

Eating Plan

Without the right fuel it is impossible to build muscle. This workout program really addresses this issue. You get an in depth eating plan that lays everything out in fine detail.

There is no need to worry about planning your meals and trying to work out how to adjust your supplement program. All of that is taken care of because the package includes a full eating plan. Importantly, the plan has been written by a body building nutritionist and has been properly tried and tested, so it really works.

Eating Plan

The Book of the Beast

Everything you need to know about putting on muscle and successfully completing the Body Beast workout program is explained in the accompanying book. It is great have everything explained and explained in depth. Understanding the science behind the program provides confidence, which, in turn, gives a big boost to motivation. It also provides a different way of absorbing information. Not everyone likes learning from videos, so having everything laid out in a book is a huge plus.

Who is Body Beast designed for?

The Body Beast program is suitable for most people. To benefit fully from the program you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness. However, many novice body builders like the workouts and benefit greatly from completing the program. It is just that the exercises are quite intense and you need good form to actually put on the maximum amount of muscle, so if you are already an experienced body builder it definitely helps.

The science behind the program

The program is based around dynamic set training. It is designed to work the entire body and to do so at a steadily increasing rate. Some of the movements in the workout are small. This makes it look deceptively easy. In reality, it is a tough program.

People who have completed the program have found it challenging. Many feel quite sore at various points in the process. This is because it is specifically designed to break down your muscles to force your body to build new muscle, which is why it allows you to bulk up so fast.

The program is particularly effective because it maximises the amount of time your muscles are under tension. Many of the techniques in the program seem old school, but they work. Combining them with modern techniques and supplements is what makes the muscle go on so fast.

In Conclusion

This is a tough workout system. You will need to be dedicated and determined to complete it, but you will put on muscle and do so faster than you would expect.

On the other hand if you would like more information please visit the other pages on this site.