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Sagi Kalev – The Legendary Man Behind Body Beast

Sagi Kalev, once skinny and bullied kid, today a successful professional with one of the most recognizable faces in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

He first caught the public eye in his home Israel after winning two Mr. Israel titles.

In 1993 Kalev decided to move to the US and further pursue a career in modeling and bodybuilding. He was first discovered in 1996 while working out in the local gym in Los Angeles.

Not long after that followed the numerous photo shootings for:

  • Muscle & Fitness,
  • Iron Man,
  • Reps,
  • Men’s Workout

and various other hardcore muscle magazines. Moreover, Kalev had guest appearances on hit show Baywatch and The Young and the Restless series.

Functional medical expert

After getting a degree in physical education from the University of Central Florida, Kalev further advanced by becoming clinical nutritionist and functional medical expert as well as the Senior Director of Professional Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA). PROPTA is one of the most respectable institutes for Fitness and Nutrition Certifications, located in Los Angeles.

Sagi Kalev & Beachbody

Kalev partnered with Beachbody in 2011, when he developed and trained Body Beast workouts program which was launched the following year.

As oppose to Beachbody’s numerous programs focused on weight loss, the Body Beast is created for everyone who want to gain muscles.

Gain lean muscle mass, size and confidence with Body Beast

The purpose of Body Beast is to gain lean muscle mass, to also gain size and to gain confidence. It’s so unique that there’s nothing like it. It’s not focused on weight loss, even though everything out there is weight loss, weight loss, weight loss.

The main thing about Body Beast is how to get bigger, Kalev said about the program.

Within the 90 days, which is the time needed for Body Beast program, there are three phases:

  • Build,
  • Bulk and
  • Beast.

The first phase is the one where the author will introduce you to all the moves including detailed instructions on how to lift, breathe and engage.

Once you’ve got familiar with the technique, you will move on the Bulk phase for some heavy lifting within the next 6 weeks.

Finally, the third or the Beast phase is for final touch of your workout.

Note that program is rather intensive and regardless of the phase, you will need to work out six times a week. Body Beast is designed to push your body’s limits, with the special focus on specific muscle groups in addition to minimal rest.

Dynamic set training

Kalev defined the philosophy behind Body Beast as dynamic set training:

When you have the philosophy of super sets, drop sets, progressive sets merged with everything that is in the old-school training, you can recruit more muscle in a shorter period of time.

According to Sagi Kalev, precisely this dynamics will provide the most effective workout, by putting your muscles under tension for extended time.

The combination of lighter weights and higher repetitions followed by gradually introducing more weight with fewer repetitions is exactly the dynamics that will get you ripped.

Another great feature of Body Beast program is that everything is prepared for you. The reason it is working is because you have it all in one place:

  • workouts,
  • tracking,
  • supplements recommendation as well as
  • the meals plans.

And as Kalev said, with Body Beast there is no guessing, just the ultimate results.